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Laura Clark runs LEC Nutrition and is a dietician and sports nutritionist who works with a wide range of people including some appearances on TV.  She is involved in workplace wellness for large corporate companies and also runs weaning workshops for busy parents looking for the best nutrition for their babies. Laura wanted to update some images on her website and bring more food into the photographs! We also brought her children and husband Nick in for part of the shoot, where they made pancakes with lots of excitement for the flipping! Even the cat managed to get in on the action!

We took lots of fun shots which can be used for social media, her blog and instagram and really tried to show Laura in her natural business style getting involved with the food. I really enjoy food photography and getting creative with all the colourful fruit, I love the images with Laura holding the different coloured fruits. I’ve included a selection here of Laura’s images, you can see some on her website here too and check out the fab workshops 

If you are looking for photographs for your business, either for marketing materials, your website or social media then please get in touch. I really try to get inside your brand and show that through the photographs – I like to do a mix of lifestyle, products and headshots so you have a full range to choose from. You can see more of my commercial photography here. I do a special small business package of 1 hours commercial photography (at my home studio or in a location close by) and includes 20 images. This is perfect for some website updates or just to drip feed into your Instagram over a few months.


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