9 on the 9th April 2018

I’ve been finding the 9 on the 9th a bit harder this year. Winter is always worse and the rain today did not help, but when we are at home on the 9th, I’m not feeling as inspired. I had decided to try and do a theme of blue (blue Monday….and mostly because it’s my favourite colour and we have lots of blue at home). So missy got dressed in blue and photographed against our blue walls but that was about as far as it went.

We enjoyed an afternoon at Mini Potters in Earlsfield¬†http://www.minipotters.co.uk/¬†painting some pottery, it’s so relaxing!!! We have left our wares to be fired and will see what they turn out like. As we were arriving back home I saw the hedge outside is full of flower so despite the damp I managed to get a few shots with that as a backdrop. The trainers were a test shot, which I ended up liking and a couple included my daugther’s “volcano” stones which she collects at every opportunity.

9 on the 9th April 2018


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